Container Side Lifter

Container Side Lifter

Container Side Lifter course would be conducted at your workplace using our Qualified Trainers/Assessors.

Training & Assessing in this unit varies with each candidate.

  • Experience candidate/s can be RPL assessed in 1 day,
  • Inexperienced candidate/s will take 2-3 days of training on average
  • VOC is also available refer to VOC page

The Container Side Lifter training is delivered to the TLI Transport and Logistic training packages. Course unit code – TLID3046 Operate a Container Side Lifter

The break down of training consist of:

Experienced – Power point, Theory, Theory assessment, Pre-start, Practical training, Practical Assessment.

Inexperience- Day1 – Power point, Theory, Theory assessment, Pre-start, Practical training,

Inexperience- Day2 – JHA, Pre-start of machinery, Practical training and Practical assessment.

Inexperience Day 3 (if required) – Practical training and Practical assessment.


Candidates requirements:

  • HC Drivers licence
  • Site induction
  • Hazard identification and control measures


Maximum 4 candidates per training session.

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