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Layout of Training Courses

Training in general should always be covered by a theory component and practical skills component. Accumulation of these skills, knowledge & techniques are then scheduled in and conducted under a supervised training plan to gain experience.

Theory & Practical Component (depending on the type of training being delivered) should comprise of the following:

This Example is for Mobile Plant Operator Training:

  • Operators manual for that particular machine
  • Video or DVD of that type of machine (E.g. Grader, IT Loader, Excavator etc)
  • Learners manual (National Ticket – RII, TLI, BCC03 etc)
  • Industry or site procedures relating to that particular machine
  • JHA (Hazard identification, Risk Assessment and Controls)
  • Oral/Written assessment for that particular machine
  • Complete walk-around inspection, including any steering, brake & function tests(pre-start check)
  • Checking & Inspecting any emergency equipment fitted to the machine
  • Completing any defect/damage reporting or record keeping documentation (Site Specific)
  • Practical Training – operator skills and techniques (Accumulate Operating Time/Experience)
  • Skills assessments
  • Issue of a Statement of Attainment or High Risk Work Licence (after candidate achieves competency)

Below is a list of standard and guidelines to which Training One Australia develops their training courses/packages. Training One Australia ensures to comply to the unit codes for all their training packages that they deliver.


Standards and Guidelines adopted by Training One Australia for Training, Assessing and Consulting come from the following sources:

  • RII Resource & Infrastructure Training Package
  • AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package
  • TLI Transport & Logistic Training Package
  • TAE40116 Training & Assessment Training Package
  • MSA07 Manufacturing Training Package
  • International Labour Office (1991)
  • Work Health & Safety Act (2011)
  • Work Health & Safety Regulations (2011)
  • Mining Acts (1994) & Regulations (1995)
  • Industry Best Practice
  • Australia Standards
  • RTO Standards (2015)
  • AQTF
  • Electrical Acts (2012) and Regs (2013)
  • and many others